Keeping You Secure Online & Offline is a small Canadian company who is analyzing, reporting and developing solutions for the growing online security issues. Its founder Jul Jones has been in the computer field for over 30 years and has been working with security issues for over 15 years in the Government enterprise and public sectors. As a technology architect and security analyst he is constantly working on creating proactive solutions to protect the public’s information and to regain the waning public trust. For without that trust, online eCommerce and Government websites will never be successful tools.

We have a number of projects on the go. Network and internet security issues are so vast we have created a number of spin off sites to deal with the issues. They include  and

Most web sites have been breached at one time or another. No one is immune.

The  public sends more personal data then ever, over the Internet. A reasonable expectation of security is assumed. Proactive security measures cost money and due to the lack of it and a general after the fact resolution attitude, ID theft is rampant. Financial institutions by law do not have to report on-line credit card theft or security breaches. Unfortunately it is a lot cheaper to market a perception of security rather then implementing adequate security.

With the rapid increase in social media websites and their usage, personal privacy is becoming a thing of the past.  Until the privacy laws are strengthened and more readily enforced, the resulting invasion of privacy and financial losses due to ID theft will continue to rise. Although the public is becoming more aware of these issues, companies spend a lot of money on marketing to mask the problems.